• Trip Overview


    Cost: $1870 per person

    Elevation up to: (2175 m / 7136 ft)

    Duration: 9 nights / 10 days

    Group size: minimum of 2 people

    Best time to book this tour: October-December, mid-March-May


    Trip Highlights

    Traveling to Nepal is an awesome adventure experience in itself, but here are some highlights you can look forward to on your Grand Nepal Tour.

    • Kathmandu cultural tour
    • Fascinating Bhaktapur Durbar Square
    • Exploring wild jungles of Nepal
    • Beautiful sunrise view from Nagarkot
    • interactions with locals 
    • Mountain views from Pokhara


    • airport shuttle on arrival and departure
    • accommodation for the entire trip - 9 nights
    • all meals on board
    • Expert team leader
    • all necessary documents and permits
    • all ground transportation on the tour
    • group medical supplies (first aid kit)
    • government taxes


    • airfare to and from Nepal
    • travel insurance
    • visa fees
    • additional day trips in Kathmandu
    • any additional snacks, food, alcoholic drinks, or souvenirs



    Our 10-day itinerary has been carefully designed so that you have time to acclimatize and do sightseeing in Kathmandu. If you wish to make any changes in this itinerary then please let us know and we can customize it for you.


    Day 1

    - Arrival

    Day 2

    - Group meeting, orientation, Kathmandu day tour

    Day 3

    - Site seeing Bhaktapur Durbar Square and drive to Nagarkot hilltop for the night and great sunrise mountain view in the morning.

    Day 4

    - Drive to Chitwan Safari Resort - activities (Tharu village walk & cultural programme in the evening)

    Day 5

    - Jeep Safari, canoeing, and more activities

    Day 6

    - Drive to Bandipur village - sunset view, village walk, and traditional meal.

    Day 7

    - Drive to Pokhara

    Day 8

    - A day in Pokhara - activities (sightseeing, sunrise mountain view tour, boating)

    Day 9

    - Drive back to Kathmandu

    Day 10 - Departure


    Patan durbar square

    Day 1 & 2


    Driving hours: 2

    Activities: Temple tours, sightseeing Kathmandu

    Main attraction: Swyambhunath temple, Kumari (the living goddess), Basantapur Durbar square

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner


    Day 3


    Driving hours: 3

    Activities: Sightseeing, cultural tour, village walk

    Main attraction: Bhaktapur Durbar Square, View from Nagarkot hilltop

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

    Jungle safari at Chitwan national park

    Day 4 & 5


    Driving hours: 6

    Activities: Jungle safari, bird watching, canoeing, village walk, Tharu dance and cultural programme

    Main attraction: wild animals, charming environment, jungle vibes

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

    Bandipur village

    Day 6


    Driving hours: 3

    Activities: village walk, sunset view, sunrise view hike

    Main attraction: traditional houses and streets, mountain views, lifestyle

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

    Pokhara city tour

    Day 7 & 8


    Driving hours: 3

    Activities: sightseeing, boating, sunrise view, city tour

    Main attraction: lake, beautiful sceneries, mountain views, the local dish,

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

    Kathmandu city tour

    Day 9

    Travel back to Kathmandu

    Driving hours: 6

    Activities: rest

    Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

    on Day 10: breakfast only

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Terms & Conditions / Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Risk

The contract:
Please take the time to read and understand all conditions prior to booking your adventure tour with Himali Dreams Pvt. Ltd.  All clients of Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. must agree to all the following terms and conditions before they are accepted on an adventure tour.

Booking & Payment:
Prices are quoted in USD. Payment should be made in equivalent Nepali Rupees (NPR) at the published bank exchange rate. Bank Transfer and/or PayPal will be accepted with an additional surcharge.

25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Full payment must be made 45 days before the tour departure. Clients are responsible for all transfer fees when sending deposits and full payment.  Payment can be made through bank transaction or PayPal.  For these options, add 4% to cover the transaction fees.

Any cancellation must be made in writing by the client and acknowledged by Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd.
• Cancelation 30-45 days prior to departure: 25% penalty
• Cancelation 15-30 days prior to departure: 50% penalty
• Cancelation 7-15 days prior to departure: 75% penalty
Cancelation within 7 days before departure: 100% penalty - no refund. 
Cancelation during a tour or withdrawing prematurely: 100% penalty - no refund.

Changes in the itinerary, routes, accommodation, etc may occur by but are not limited to, weather, natural disasters, political conditions, vehicle failure, or government regulations.  Plans can be changed by the tour guide if client safety is at risk.  By booking a tour with Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd, the client agrees to that he/she has to be flexible and trust the guide’s decision. 

Client details:
The client must provide all the requested information in order to book the tour.  Information such as full name according to what’s written in the passport, date of birth, nationality, passport number, passport issue, and expiry date, and any pre-existing medical conditions.  The client cannot book the tour with Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd without these details.

Price change:
Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to change the price for unsold adventure tours. In a country like Nepal, prices for fuel, transportation, hotels, and flights can fluctuate at any moment due to tax increase/decrease or a change in the dollar exchange rate, which can affect the cost of the tour. The price will not be changed for booked tours within 30 days of departure.

Travel insurance:
All clients of Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd.  MUST obtain a travel insurance policy that provides coverage before, during, and after your journey covering any medical expenses relating to personal illness or accident, emergency evacuation, and repatriation. In addition, we strongly recommend a policy that includes coverage in case of lost luggage, canceled and/or changed flights, or trains, or unexpected trip cancelation. It will be the client’s responsibility to take out this insurance policy.  At Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd, we highly recommend both World Nomads and Travel Guard.  When taking out a travel insurance policy, be sure to inquire if the Himalayan regions of Nepal are covered.  Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. will not be held responsible for any dispute or claim that arises from the client not having travel insurance or adequate travel insurance.

Acknowledgment of risk:
Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd will take all steps possible to ensure the safety of the clients while on any adventure tour. However, the client should be aware that certain inherent risks remain which are integral to the activity and cannot be eliminated completely.  Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd will, at all times, use training and experience to minimize the risk to all participants, knowing there are elements within the adventure tours where risk management may be beyond control, despite best practices. 

Acceptance of risk and responsibilities:
Our tours are adventurous and involve personal risks. The client will be traveling through high altitude destinations that require physical fitness and stamina. Clients are responsible for preparing themselves physically and mentally, assuming the personal risks inherent in such travel.  Clients acknowledge and clearly understand that during the course of the trip certain risks and dangers may occur due to the hazards of traveling in mountainous regions and that by the very nature of the activities they are exposed to some degree of risk. The client must understand that although Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. will take all possible precautions, it is impossible to guarantee absolute safety. Client agrees to assume all risks associated with the journey and agree to hold no liability against Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. in respect to death, personal injury, illness, or for any loss or damage to the property of the participant, including personal gear or other equipment, during the course of the trip.
The client also agrees to actively participate and follow instructions provided by Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. employees.

Passport, Visas and Travel Permits:
The client must ensure their passport has a minimum of 6 months validity remaining from the time the tour with Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd is finished. It will be the client’s responsibility to obtain a valid Nepali visa before departure or upon arrival in Nepal.  Visa fees are paid in USD. All passport and visa costs are the responsibility of the client. 

Travel Vaccinations:
It will be the client’s responsibility to know the specific travel vaccinations required/ recommended for the region(s) they are traveling to. It is also the clients' responsibility to cover the costs of all travel vaccinations needed. For a list of required/recommend travel vaccines, we recommend the following website: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel

Behavior, Politics, and Law:
All clients are required to behave in a respectful and law-abiding manner when traveling with Himali Dreams Treks and Tour Pvt. Ltd. Clients are required to obey the laws of Nepal and to not be involved in any political protests and any form of public criticism of the government. If a client, during the tour, is being disrespectful, rude, disruptive, breaking the law, or found to be involved in political protests, the client could be expelled from the tour at the sole discretion of Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd, while forfeiting any right for a refund.

Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd doesn’t allow clients to bring drones on any of our adventure tours because of group safety and Nepali law.  It is illegal to use a drone or any flying object that has a camera in Nepal without a license.  Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd will not be responsible to obtain and return any equipment seized by the authorities. 

Physical fitness, health, skill level:
Trekking, hiking, and biking at high elevation are very physically challenging.  Select tours take place at high elevations between 3100 meters and 5500 meters (10,000 feet and 19,000 feet). Before joining Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd adventure tours, all clients must be in overall good health and fit to meet the difficulty level advertised for the specific tour.  Eliminating the risk of altitude sickness is impossible when traveling at high elevation, but all Himali Dreams Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd travel routes are built with acclimatization in mind to help reduce the risk of serious altitude-related illness.

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